Wickerman Rasta Cecil Hilton

Cecil builds wicker furniture.  He has a clear vision of how to create wicker furniture that will last for decades.  He has been making wicker furniture in antique style for about 35 years.  Like all real craftsman he takes pride in making quality furniture that will last.  He sources the trees himself, taking them, or their branches down himself.  He likes to work with Cedar, which is in fact native to Jamaica.  His intent is to make furniture that can be passed down to successive generations.  He also likes to work with Marok?(20150206-1@1:33) or Panchalang?.  He preserve the wood with seawater, similar to what occurs with driftwood. 

He was interested in wicker building from the time he was a child.  He chose to go into the craft as a young man because he could see himself doing the work throughout his life, into his old age.   For him building wicker is art, where the wood is his canvass.  He says he will be building wicker as long as his hand can move, and his brain still functions.  He builds, chairs, beds, dressers, tables, "anything in furniture."  He says if someone brings a design for anything that is furniture, he can build it, but that he does not do statues.

He was lucky enough to sell almost all of  his stock for the holiday season of 2014.  So what is shown below are remnants, that are not his best work, but they are still impressive.