Rock Bottom Wood Carver

Rock Bottom has been selling his memento and art wood carvings in the markets of Port Antonio for 35 years.  He wanted it to be clear to those who already know him, that he is no longer in the Portland Craft Market at Musgrave Market, he is now here in The Village by the bay just outside of town. 

Rock started carving wood by buying pieces of wood and whittling at it to make his creations.  He is completely self taught, and like all masters, speaks as much about how much he has to learn, more than how much he knows.  He researched the tools that he uses from looking at the tools used by other carvers, and thinking about how he might improve them.   He appreciated wood carving from very young, and bought pieces that he appreciated.  As a maturing man he felt it would be a good profession and became inspired to make his living from it. 

Some of the early pieces he really appreciated, and purchased, were Rasta faces.  He has made many extraordinary Rasta faces himself, but now his work is focused on making pieces from driftwood, where the wood is natuarlly prepared for protection against insects.   Rock's work has been bought from him and sold in galleries for literally 20 times what he charged for it.  Recognition for his work is big in Jamaica, and he is a nationally recognized artist who has flown to the US several times as a representative for Jamaican government.