Bamboo Man Wilburn King

Wilburn King, a.k.a. King Anchor Diamond a.k.a. Bamboo King. Wilburn is a poet, orator, motivational speaker, and also a bamboo crafts person.  The bamboo furniture he makes is self taught from deciding he was going to use bamboo to make furniture and craft items.  His furniture includes, coffee tables, end tables, chairs and stools.  His curio things include smoking chalices, picture frames, wind chimes, salt and pepper shakers, cups and mugs, and bird feeders and bird houses.  Wilbuirn is multifaceted, and tries to make things that people will find creative and useful. 

  1. As a motivational speaker.  When vistors come to the shop he likes to motivate people with thoughtful words of wisdom.  

In The Village there is a feeling of family, so people are supported.  In addtion all the proprietors want to see their visitors not harassed by people trying to make sales.  So, they keep the presence of street higglers to an absolute  minimum.  The Village is a no pressure place to window shop where you are welcome to walk around, take it all in, and if something appeals to you, by all means feel free to ask about the price and buy it.

Wilburn says, "Welcome!  Come to The Village!  Come to Jamaica, come to Port Antonio, and come to see Bamboo Man, Bamboo King, King Anchor Diamond, Wilburn King, in The Village!"