Art of a Lioness ~ The Henry's, Fine Artists

Marcia and Phillip Henry are trained graphic artists who moved to fine arts early in their career.  Phillip is a nationally recognized artist for his portraiture.  Marcia, although not a nationally recognized artist, is a very accomplished artist in her own right, and a former art school teacher as well. 

The name of their shop, "Art of a Lioness" was inspired by Marcia being born in the sign of Leo.  It is a rubric that she feels comfortable bearing.  Their shop has paintings, sculptures, ceramics, seriographs, lithographs, etched calabash, earrings and necklaces.

Marcia is proud of her calabash carvings, and they are truly praiseworthy.  The delicate detail of these pieces, whether almost photorealistic, or indigenously potent, is breathtaking.  They have several portraits of big game from Africa, as well as human portraits, in pencil and charcoal.  Once again, the attention to detail, and skill in execution are truly breathtaking. 

Marcia started doing the calabash carving under the influence of an old rasta named Jah Priest.  He carved calabash, and he had seen Marcia's paintings on ceramics.  He felt those skills could be easily and beautifully transferred to calabashes.  After trying it and enjoying it, Marcia never looked back and has been making truly unique pieces of calabash art  ever since.  The geometric styles on her calabashes, are soley inspired by different pieces of art and architecture from Africa that she has found photos of.   She has made some exquisite copper topped calabash urns with copper inlays.  She says they are in the vein of the ancestral holders in some african homes, and the planting of calabash over the graves of deceased africans in the Carribean, but they are her own inspiration, continuing in that theme of ancestral reminders.

Phillip and Marcia both are inspired by Africa in their ceramic masks.  In most cases they are not replicas, of traditional masks, but simply inspired from them.  Both of them are prolific and powerful artists, and there are many different choices for the discerning visitor to choose from including subjects of flowers, garden animals, large african animals, afro portraiture in pencil and paint, and sculpted ceramic masks  and vases.  For more than  a memento of Jamaica, but to complement any home or office you can find a moving piece of original art at the Art of a Lioness.