Easter Sunday Family Fun Day 2015

The Village hosted a family event on Easter this year, and it was truly fun for the whole family, especially kids of all ages. The more serious were drawn to the serious bones competition with a few dozen competitors competing to see who would be the top winners that day.

The top event for the kids was surly the easter egg hunt.  In the picture series above in the carousel, you can see the kids move from getting ready, to rising anticipation, to their off and running.  Other competitions for the young, and young at heart, included who could eat a bun and cheese sandwich the fastest?

Besided the competitions their was entertainment to be had by flying kites, slingshot target practice, and special additons to the always availble outdoor playset included a jump around for the youngest children, and a trampoline for the older children.  

Come out next year and join the fun, kids of all ages are appreciated.  Even the serious ones, especially if they like to compete at bones.


Easter Egg Hunt, Off and Running 2

Easter Egg Hunt: Off and Running II


The Easter Egg Hunt Continues

Easter Egg Hunt: The Hunt Continues


Getting Serious Air in the Jump Around

Getting Serious Air in the JumpAround


Kite Flying by Kids of All Ages


Slides are Always Fun

Slides are Always a Fun Time!


Swinging and Teeter Tottering

So are Swings and Teeter-Totters!


Serious Fun for the Big Kids

Bones Tournament: Serioius Fun for Big Kids


The Family Fun Day Sign

The Family Fun Day Sign, You're Invited!

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