Easter Sunday Family Fun Day 2015

The Village hosted a family event on Easter this year, and it was truly fun for the whole family, especially kids of all ages. The more serious were drawn to the serious bones competition with a few dozen competitors competing to see who would be the top winners that day.

The top event for the kids was surly the easter egg hunt.  In the picture series above in the carousel, you can see the kids move...

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In Memorial of Chik-V, The Village Mascot

Chik-V arrived to The Village as a chick less than 4 inches high in June 2014.  The proprietors of The Village adopted Chik-V as their mascot, after literally watching him grow up in The Village environs.  Even after becoming a grown rooster, with other chickens visiting Chik-V never left The Village after his arrival, until recently.

Marcia Henry, the proprietor of Art of a Lioness, was the primary caretaker, (feeder,) of Chik-V.  She started with bread...

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