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The Village ~ A community of  Artists, Artisans, Gift Shops & Restaurateers in Portland, Jamaica.   Loading...

The Village

A Community of Artists and Artisans

The Village

A Community of Gift Shops

The Village

A Community of Restaurants

About Us

The Village ~ A Shopping Center in Port Antonio
with Nationally Recognized Artists


The Village was started 20 years ago, and the grounds were built out about 15 years ago. It was empty until last year.  Last year the grounds were turned over  to the Portland Parish Council which took the opportunity to make something happen.  The Village is a unique set of shops in Port Antonio, because they are made of wood, and right on the ocean. 

The village consists of artists/artisans, including fine art, and furniture, gift shops with clothes and all kinds of Jamaica memorabilia, and restaurants, including a juice bar.  There are not one, but two nationally recognized Jamaican artists selling their wares in The Village, whose works include drawings, painting, ceramics, and sculpture.


The Village strives to hold the values of a true community village.  The proprietors are friendly neighbors to each other, and look out for guests to stop them being harrassed by vendors off the street.  Sometimes they prepare shared potluck style lunches as well,  and other times it is just produce from the yard, like Jamaican apple, sugar cane, mango, june plum, or guava. 

It is the proprietors who've landscaped the grounds in the immediate proximity of the buildings. They are happy to tell you the variety of plants that have they planted if you are intersted.  Different people have planted different parts, so you might need to ask around a bit, if the proprietor you have asked isn't sure about what a plant is.

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